J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller
The Secret Of Man's Origin
Could Now Destroy Us All

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The secret of humanity’s origin has lain buried for millennia. And now it threatens to destroy us all. 

Scientist Evelyn Edwards and her team are researching ice caps in the Antarctic when they discover a body that must have been buried 40,000 years ago. But it looks like nothing they’ve ever seen before, it’s not a primal man but something else. While transporting the body back to America the entire team are killed but Evelyn manages to escape.

On the run and alone she turns to her ex-husband Matt  Adams, a former member of an elite government unit, and together they find themselves caught up in a race against time that takes them from Area 51 to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva where they uncover the biggest conspiracy of all time. 

Origin  is a high octane cross-genre thriller that you won’t be able to put down and will leave you guessing right up to its stunning conclusion.


"ORIGIN is a thrill a minute ride of a book. It's like Brannan has taken every conspiracy trope (and to name them would teeter into Spoilerville, so I wont) then shaken them up into a tasty cocktail that slips down easy, leaving you feeling pleasantly light-headed and wanting another."

Simon Toyne, bestselling author of SANCTUS and THE KEY

"Smart, sophisticated and thrilling, ORIGIN drags you in and makes you hold your breath right to the last lung bursting page. Absorbing, immersive, thrilling, it's a heart-thumping slide down literary black ice."

Sam Christer, bestselling author of THE STONEHENGE LEGACY and THE TURIN SHROUD SECRET

"What an absorbing, rollercoaster of a read. What I liked most was the fact that - with all the twists and turns, aliens and conspiracies - JT Brannan never lost sight of the human relationships. I enjoyed it immensely."

Elly Griffiths, winner of the Edgar Award for THE CROSSING PLACES (book one of the Ruth Galloway series)

"Origin is a truly original novel, seamlessly meshing a modern high-tech chase thriller, stuffed full of guns and gadgets, with elements of ancient history to produce a book that’s both thought-provoking and relentlessly exciting. The characters are well-drawn, the locations believable, the action intense, and the pace of the story never slows down. From the very first page, the unanswered questions begin to pile up as the odds against the two protagonists increase exponentially, and it’s not until the end of the story that the explanations begin to appear. And the conclusion is utterly startling because of both its simplicity and its implications."

James Becker, bestselling author of THE FIRST APOSTLE

"Dan Brown meets The X-Files in this fast-paced, exciting, and completely unputdownable début 

Headline Publishing

"Matthew Reilly meets Andy McDermott in this fast-paced, exciting, and totally compelling thriller"

Hachette Australia