J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

The Season of Goodwill is 
About to Get Bloody . . .

- Colt Ryder #9 -

The Thousand Dollar Christmas - Colt Ryder 9

Colt and Kane are BACK in an all-new adventure!

Colt Ryder – the Thousand Dollar Man, a near-mythical figure who travels America, helping those who nobody else will help – is finally allowing himself some time to relax, and finds himself in New York City with his loyal dog, Kane, for the Christmas celebrations.

But he finds that trouble never leaves him alone for long – for while he is enjoying the decorations at Macy’s on Christmas Eve, the department store is overrun by armed criminals. The exits are sealed, thousands of customers are taken hostage, and nobody knows what they want – are they thieves or terrorists?

Colt Ryder doesn’t know, and he doesn’t care – they’ve spoiled his vacation and, one way or another, he’s going to make them pay.

THE THOUSAND DOLLAR CHRISTMAS is an action-filled, adrenaline-fueled slice of holiday fun, and will ensure you never look at Christmas the same way again!