J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

Is America Ready to Face Her 
Most Deadly Enemy Yet?
- Mark Cole #8 -

The world is at a crossroads. Great change is coming, and the West is set to lose.

A terrorist attack has wiped out much of the world’s leadership structure, the US and her allies are bogged down in a brutal war in Iran, and China is using the opportunity to mass her troops on the Mexico-US border, under the pretext of assisting the Mexican government in the fight against the drug cartels.

Nobody suspects China’s true motives, but Force One – once America’s foremost counterterrorism unit, now disavowed by the president himself – learns about a devastating new weapon being developed by the PLA, which could prove incredibly dangerous to the security of the United States.

But the unit is being hounded by the US government, and its commander – the legendary former assassin Mark Cole, once known as the “Asset” – is seriously injured after his last, near-fatal mission, and is being held in a well-guarded military hospital in Mexico City.

A daring rescue mission is launched to retrieve him; but even with Cole back in action, time is running out and – with traitors everywhere, an unfriendly president, the presence of a beautiful Russian assassin, and with the very survival of the United States at risk – will it be too late to stop the deadly Chinese threat?

NO HOLDING BACK is the eighth novel in the global bestselling Mark Cole series, and is an action-packed, adrenaline-fueled geopolitical thriller like no other!