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Colt and Kane are back!

- Colt Ryder #7 -

The Thousand Dollar Team - Colt Ryder 7

Colt and Kane are back!

The Thousand Dollar Man, his ever-faithful canine friend alongside him, finds himself in a small Missouri town, where he soon finds a new – and potentially deadly – mission waiting for him.

Craven Chemicals is the largest employer in town – modern, successful and respected throughout the state. But things are not all they seem – behind the glamor and the prestige, people have been going missing at the plant, and the husband of the desperate woman who hired Colt is just the latest. 

She was told he ran away with a local girl, but she doesn’t believe it; her husband knew something was going on at the plant, and she is convinced they got rid of him before he could tell anyone. The local cops back up whatever Craven’s management tell them, and so Colt decides to investigate from the inside, and joins the factory workforce. 

What he discovers there is an operation so large in scale, so ruthless, and so well-protected, that it will take all of his ingenuity and skill to bring an end to it . . . if he can survive.

THE THOUSAND DOLLAR TEAM is the latest all-action thriller from bestselling author J.T. Brannan, and features Colt and Kane at their brutal best!