J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

Colt Ryder uncovers a terrifying snuff-film operation, in his most difficult mission yet . . .

- Colt Ryder #6 -

The Thousand Dollar Murder - Colt Ryder 6

Colt Ryder uncovers a terrifying snuff-film operation, in his most difficult mission yet . . . 

Colt Ryder is the Thousand Dollar Man, righting wrongs throughout America, doing the jobs nobody else will do, at a thousand dollars a time. But when visiting an old friend in the Florida Everglades - and Colt's faithful dog Kane finds the mutilated, dead body of a young woman - he forgoes the money and makes this one personal.

The discovery takes him from a film-set hidden in the swamps, to the mean streets of Miami, where he discovers the horrific secrets of the Dark Web, the hidden internet where anything goes.

Colt's personal quest for justice throws him into the dark, violent underbelly of the American dream, where anything is available - even murder for entertainment - if the price is high enough.

THE THOUSAND DOLLAR MURDER is a disturbing, engrossing, high-octane adventure that will leave you shell-shocked and begging for more!