J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

Colt Ryder Uncovers A Deadly Fight Club At San Quentin State Prison . . . Will He Escape With His Life?

- Colt Ryder #5 -

The Thousand Dollar Breakout - Colt Ryder 5

Colt Ryder is the Thousand Dollar Man, called upon to do the jobs no-one else will do.

On a trip to San Francisco, Colt hears of inmates at the nearby San Quentin State Prison escaping without trace, or else dying in mysterious circumstances, and is hired by a human rights acitivist to get inside and find out what is going on.

Once inside, he is soon forced to defend himself from violent criminals and gang members, and his abilities quickly bring him to the attention of the wardens; and it is not long before they introduce him to the big secret lurking inside San Quentin . . . 

An underground fight club, bloodthirsty human cockfights for big money, run by the prison authorities themselves. Colt is forced to participate against his will, and soon becomes violently enmeshed in the very mystery he was sent to investigate.

But while trying to avoid death and violence at every turn, Colt soon realizes he has a new problem - now he is inside the system, how will he ever get out?

THE THOUSAND DOLLAR BREAKOUT is the latest all-action, heart-stopping thriller from bestselling author J.T. Brannan, a high-octane adventure like you've never read before!