J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller
Pledge of Honor
A Mark Cole Thriller

- Mark Cole #5 -

An inhuman terrorist attack on a London school leaves the world in a state of shock, although it is not long before nations unite in their stand against what has happened. The perpetrators are quickly hunted down and dealt with, and leaders from across the globe agree to visit London for a huge memorial parade in honor of the dead.

Although it appears that the attackers were 'lone wolves', inspired by online propaganda, Mark Cole - US special operations legend and leader of Force One, America's elite covert anti-terrorism unit - is not convinced. His daughter Michiko, a computer genius who works with the unit, has found evidence of a financial trail between the attackers and elements of the Iranian government, and he fears that the attack might have been state-sponsored and therefore part of a bigger, unknown plan.

Cole decides to investigate himself, and follows the procurement trail of the terrorists' weapons, a journey which takes him from the Corsican gangs of Marseilles to the gunrunners of Serbia, and eventually leads him into the dangerous interior of Iran itself.

What he learns there confirms his worst fears, and he is forced into a race against time to return to London and stop an even worse catastrophe from striking - a second attack which threatens to plunge the world into complete anarchy.