J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

John Lee is the Extractor, an ex-US Air Force Pararescueman trained to retrieve personnel from behind enemy lines, in the most inhospitable environments on earth. Now running his own “extraction” business, his team is hired by the Russian government to locate Yuri Yushenkov, one of the country’s top nuclear scientists. 

Yushenkov is believed to have been kidnapped by the Russian Mafia, and intelligence suggests that they do not want a ransom – instead, they are building a nuclear device that they wish to sell to the highest bidder. 

It is believed that the scientist is being held in a secret camp somewhere in northern Siberia, in the death zone within the Arctic Circle. The Russians want John to try and rescue Yushenkov instead of using their own military resources, in order to keep the affair as quiet as possible; the more people who know, the more likely it is that panic would break out. They also know that such a mission would be tantamount to suicide for most normal troops.

John therefore sets off into the icy wastes of Siberia, supported by his loyal team. He must fight against temperatures that drop to -50, calving ice glaciers, blinding blizzards and avalanches, as well as ferocious polar bears. 

And as he faces the appalling conditions, John knows that even if he does manage to locate and rescue Yushenkov, he will have to escape back across the dangers of the Arctic once more – this time with an untrained civilian to look after, as the Russian Mafia pursue them all the way back to Moscow in order to exact their savage revenge.

THE EXTRACTOR – MISSION: ARCTIC is the third pulse-pounding action adventure novel in the John Lee series, and is a rollercoaster thrill-ride that you will not want to miss!