J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller
The Thousand Dollar Hunt
Colt Ryder Is Back In Action!

- Colt Ryder #2 -
The Thousand Dollar Hunt - Colt Ryder 2

Colt Ryder is the Thousand Dollar Man, an ex-military vet who wanders America from one town to the next, helping those in need. Travelling only with his dog Kane, he is willing to do the jobs nobody else can - and all he asks for is one thousand dollars a time.

Laguna, New Mexico - A game reserve and safari park mimicking the African savannah - complete with lion, elephant and rhino - has been set up in seventy square miles of ranch land by General Roman Badrock, a retired US Army officer with a passion for wildlife.

And for hunting.

When Colt Ryder is asked to track down a missing person, the trail leads to Badrock's ranch; and when the general takes Ryder in and gives him a job, it soon becomes obvious that a family-friendly safari park isn't all that is on offer there . . .

Big game hunting for big money occurs after dark, with people willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to kill the park's large animals.

But as Ryder discovers, General Badrock's plans don't stop there and he soon discovers himself caught up in the park's most elite sport - the hunting of the world's most dangerous game.

And this time, the Thousand Dollar Man himself is the prey.

THE THOUSAND DOLLAR HUNT is the second novel in the bestselling Colt Ryder series, and is another breakneck adventure tale that will take your breath away!