J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

- Colt Ryder #16 - 

The excitement continues in The Thousand Dollar Heist, the incredible new action adventure in J.T. Brannan's bestselling Colt Ryder series, from a thriller writer at the top of his game.

For a thousand dollars, ex-US Army Ranger Colt Ryder and his loyal dog Kane will take on the jobs nobody else will do. They have wandered the United States for years, helping strangers wherever they go. But now one of Colt’s oldest friends needs help, and the mission becomes personal like never before.

When the Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago decides to loan a large number of priceless artifacts to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, it is decided that the most efficient way to transport these goods is by rail. And so the enormously valuable paintings, sculptures, furniture, textiles and armor are loaded onto the famous California Zephyr, a train which covers the longest route in the United States – 2,438 miles, almost from one side of the country to the other.

In charge of security for Amtrak - and the California Zephyr - is Manuel Lapada, a former Ranger like Colt. It is his responsibility for the priceless treasures to get from Chicago to San Francisco safely and securely. However, a criminal group are blackmailing him into helping them pull off the most audacious heist in history, robbing the train while it is en route from one location to another; and to make sure he goes through with it, they have kidnapped his wife and daughter, threatened to kill them if he doesn’t help.

With nowhere else to turn, Lapada contacts his old friend Colt Ryder. With the odds stacked against them, it looks like a battle they cannot win . . . but the Thousand Dollar Man won't give up without one hell of a fight.

The Thousand Dollar Heist is a frenetic thrill-a-minute joyride that will have you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last!