J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

- Colt Ryder #14 - 

The Thousand Dollar Patriot - Colt Ryder 14

Big Sam Renton is in charge of the small town of Grafton Falls, and everybody knows it. He is the unelected mayor, and has become rich from the people who live there, controlling most of the businesses and collecting protection from the rest, voluntary contributions to the so-called “Patriot fund”.

But one day, Colt Ryder – the Thousand Dollar Man – busts up some of Renton’s thugs in a roadhouse outside out of town, and when he is arrested by Deputy Sheriff Dwayne Franklin, the young officer – maybe the only honest man in the department – decides that instead of putting Colt in jail, he’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.

And so Colt starts to look into the affairs of Sam Renton, and soon discovers that things in the town are even worse – and Renton even more powerful – then anyone could have believed.

THE THOUSAND DOLLAR PATRIOT is another explosive entry in the Colt Ryder series, full of action and suspense, a thrill-packed adventure that will leave you breathless.