J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

- Colt Ryder #12 -

The Thousand Dollar Shot - Colt Ryder 12

Colt Ryder is the Thousand Dollar Man, the vigilante-for-hire that people go to with their problems when they have nowhere else to turn. Alongside his faithful sidekick Kane, their methods might not be subtle, but they get results.

While passing through West Virginia, Colt is hired by Victoria Matheson to find her missing husband, Hank. A life-long survivalist and professional gunsmith, his wife says he recently became paranoid about being followed by the federal government, and fled into the Appalachians, leaving behind his wife, his house, and a pile of debts that she cannot hope to pay.

Colt agrees to track him down, and sets off into the untamed wilderness with Kane. But when he finds Hank, the man has a very different story to tell; there is much more to his escape than meets the eye, and it is not the federal government that is after him, but something much, much worse.

And if Colt wants to survive, he must join forces with the man he has been sent to find, and enter into a battle across the mountain forests that can only end in massive destruction and sudden, violent death.

THE THOUSAND DOLLAR SHOT is the twelfth action-packed adventure in the bestselling Colt Ryder series, and provides an adrenaline-shot of a reading experience like no other!