J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

The City of Lights Is About To Become The City of Death . . .

- Colt Ryder #10 -

The Thousand Dollar Killers - Colt Ryder 10

When Colt Ryder and his loyal dog Kane visit Las Vegas for some much-needed R and R, they soon find themselves up to their necks in mafia intrigue instead.

The mob might no longer control the casinos in Las Vegas, but it still controls everything else – from construction and waste management, to extortion and prostitution. Twelve-year-old Travis Baker is the only surviving witness to a gangland massacre, and he’s a boy who everyone wants to meet, from the local cops to the FBI. Unfortunately, so does every hired killer on the west coast of America, as an open contract has been taken out on him by Marco D’Angelo, a key underboss of the Las Vegas crime family.

Colt responds to an advert for help, and discovers that the boy’s parents have been killed already, and a friend of the family is hiding him. But the friend knows she cannot help him for long, and – unable to trust the cops – she hands Travis over, into Colt’s protection.

Not sure who he can trust, and pursued across the country by a small army of assassins, Colt soon realizes that if he is to keep the boy safe, he will need to stop running and go on the offensive instead; and so, against all the odds, he heads back to Vegas to take on the mob directly, right in the middle of Sin City itself.

THE THOUSAND DOLLAR KILLERS is the 10th all-action, rollercoaster-ride adventure featuring Colt Ryder as the Thousand Dollar Man and his canine sidekick Kane, and promises to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!