J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller
When all else fails, 
it's time to call in . . .

- The Extractor #1 -

THE EXTRACTOR is the first book in a brand-new, high-octane action-adventure series from bestselling author J.T. Brannan.

THE EXTRACTOR features John Lee, an ‘extraction specialist’, and his close-knit team of operatives, whose job it is to rescue people from the worst environments on Earth. Trained as a US Air Force Pararescueman, an expert martial artist and an ex-movie stuntman, John is an expert in personnel retrieval; there is no place in the world out of his reach, and nothing will get in his way once he is hired to do a job. 

In this first adventure, Lee is hired to track down a missing research team from the University of Chicago. On a mission to the Amazon to locate a lost tribe, and the mysterious plant that is said to make its members all but immune to disease, the team have not been heard from in weeks.

But what Lee finds in the rainforest is more than anyone bargained for – he not only has to battle against the incredible natural dangers of the Amazon, but he is also forced to contend with drugs gangs and their hidden laboratories, and another group who are tracking the research team and the lost tribe for their own nefarious ends.

In a frantic race against time, John Lee knows that it is not just the scientists he has to find and protect – the fate of the lost tribe and its miraculous plant-life is also in his hands, and the future of medicine along with it.

THE EXTRACTOR is a fun, action-filled adrenaline ride with a hero who is a combination of Jackie Chan and Bear Grylls, and will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

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