J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

- Force One #1 -

Force One is the brainchild of ex-government assassin and special operations legend, Mark Cole. Its handpicked members are seconded from their parent units – SEAL Team Six, Delta Force, Air Force Special Tactics Teams, CIA Special Activities Division – and brought together for the nation’s most dangerous missions, when secrecy is all-important, and failure can lead to global catastrophe.

Against the background of an ongoing US-Iran war, tensions are rising between India and Pakistan. Border clashes are intensifying, and threats of greater violence are already being made – and for two countries with nuclear weapons, ‘greater violence’ is a threat to the entire region, and beyond.

But when Force One analysis indicates that there might be another group at work behind the scenes, fanning the flames between the two nuclear-armed states in order to foment catastrophe, Mark Cole decides to send an ‘active measures’ team to the region. Led by ex-Navy SEAL Jake Navarone, Force One must race against time, and fantastic odds, to find out who is behind the plot, and to do whatever they can in order to save the world from disaster.

COVERT OPS is the first novel in the Force One series, and is a geopolitical thriller ripped straight from tomorrow's headlines.