J.T. BRANNAN - Author of ORIGIN - a high octane cross-genre thriller

- Maxwell Knight #3 -

Maxwell Knight is an LA private eye who works cold cases - but when his elderly neighbor Stan Abramczyk is accused of murdering a man in cold blood, he can't help but get involved.

To Knight's surprise, Stan admits to killing William Becker, and even seems proud of it; but he then makes the incredible claim that it was because he recognized the man as one of the sadistic SS prison guards who had worked at Auschwitz - a camp at which Stan had been a prisoner, three quarters of a century before.

Is Stan telling the truth? Was the murdered man one of those responsible for the horrors and atrocities that occured at the camp? On the face of it, William Becker was just a normal, elderly man, a retired auto worker from Detroit spending his remaining years in the warmer climes of LA; but as Knight starts to look into it, he soon finds that all is not as it seems. And as his investigation progresses - with Knight not knowing if an answer can help Stan's case, but desperate to discover the truth anyway - the horrors of a forgotten past emerge and must finally be confronted in the present.

THE GUARD OF AUSCHWITZ is a riveting mystery, guaranteed to keep you reading - terrified - all night long.

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